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Take a trip down memory lane with a flick though our past brews.
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Bohemian Pilsner - 5.2%
A Bohemian style Pilsner made using imported Bohemian Pilsner malt, European bottom-fermenting yeast and traditional Saaz hops. This beer is brilliant and bright with a golden straw hue and thick mousse-like head. Bold and bready rich malt with an intense floral bouquet.

Peacharine Pilly - 5.4%
The most simple malt bill of Pilsner and Carafoam was employed here to showcase this new experimental hop from Freestyle Farms. Code name : Peacharine. Described as being a ‘clonal mutant’ Peacharine is cut from the same cloth as another well known, yet to named NZ hop. Enjoy a sublime mouthful of sweet fruits, Complex nectarine, jammy red plums and Sunday morning sugared grapefruits.

Fresh Hop Nelson Sauvin Pale Ale - 5.5%
Last year was our first attempt at utilising fresh hops so this year we thought we would stay close to what we know, but refine the process and in doing so leaned upon a silky base of New Zealand Ale malt, plump wheat kernels and creamy naked golden oats. We smoothed this wort base in basket upon basket of iridescently fresh and pungent wet whole cone hops. This year, we’ve championed the centrepiece jewel in the crown of New Zealand hops - the national treasure and ever-famous Nelson Sauvin hop.

Taper American Pale Ale - 5.8%
An all American West Coast style Pale Ale. Brewed lean with a delicate touch of specialty malts for flavours of pitch side crustless sammies and on the go protein bars. Hopped in the kettle with turf like Columbus and half time Citras then dry hopped a couple of times with a late lunch serving of Amarillo, Simcoe and again Columbus for that final lap around the field.

Buy Your Fruit Here Hazy Pale Ale - 7.0%
We picked off the shelf as many different fruit-forward hops as possible. Southern Cross was used in the mash and Nelson and Idaho7 were sloshed around the whirlpool for flavour and a hint of bitterness. Mosaic, Cashmere, Sabro and Idaho7 were juiced and squeezed into the dryhop. Enjoy the uniquely tropical taste of BYFH berries, lime leaf, pineapple, coconut, peach iced tea, Honey Dew melon and the idea of warm fruit juice dripping down your arm. *Contains no fruit.

Temná Zima Bohemian Dark Lager - 5.2%              
Temná Zima or Dark Winter is our take on a tmavý ležák (dark lager) from the land of Bohemia. Brewed using almost exclusively Bohemian malt, soft Waiheke water, Saaz hops, and  4 long weeks of lagering time. Temná Zima is round, smooth and fulfilling with a meringue-like head with flavours and aromas of well toasted seeded brown bread, espresso, blocks of unadulterated dark cacao and BBQ char. Na Zdravi!

Our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised, for the best experience please keep your crowlers refrigerated and consume within 72 hours of canning.