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Take a trip down memory lane with a flick though our past brews.
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​​Bohemian, Pilsner (5.2%)
A Bohemian style Pilsner made using imported Bohemian Pilsner malt, European bottom-fermenting yeast and traditional Saaz hops. This beer is brilliant and bright with a golden straw hue and thick mousse-like head. Bold and bready rich malt with an intense floral bouquet.

Hauraki Gold American Pale Ale (4.6%)
Brewed with British Ale, malted wheat and oats with a touch of caramel. Hopped throughout the kettle with Riwaka hops and saturated in the whirlpool with cryogenically processed city hops. Hauraki Gold was eagerly dry hopped with spectacular amounts of Australian-grown Galaxy, US-grown Mosaic and dusted with Nelson’s famous Riwaka. Expect soft bread notes, grapefruit marmalade, candied Meyer lemon, dank greenery and exceptionally ripe guava and mango.

Southern Cross Lager (5.4%)
The Southern Cross stars have long guided navigators in the Pacific Ocean. Two of the major stars in the set point directly to the Southern Pole. These stars have also provided navigation for this well-balanced easy-drinking New Zealand lager. Brewed with Light Pilsner malt and a touch of Munich for some malt structure. The real hero of this beer is the kettle additions of the NZ Southern Cross hop to provide a soft bitterness. This beer was then lagered cold - South Pole cold. Golden fields of summer hung hay, preserved lemon and a dusting of lime zest.

Little Red, Irish Ale (4.3%)
Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful…This pretty little Red gets her deep ruby hue from the finest German Carared and Melanoidin malts which also give a biscuit and caramel backbone to this little number. Less wolf and more riding hood, this ale has classic Fuggles English hops for an earthy undertone. This German, English, Kiwi Irish Ale is a sessionable number for more good craic. Slainte!

Lupulin Theory Fresh Hop Pilsner (5.2%)
A strange blend of artists come scientists and backyard philosophers. This bee puts all those qualities to the test. For decades hopologists have been analysing the alpha acids and the oils from the hop flower to predict aroma. We flew up 20Kg of Wet Fresh Nelson Sauvin hops freshly plucked from the vines and raced to the brewhouse to throw them into the kettle. Expect the unique big green hop aromas from the harvest, with a subtle Nelson Sauvin dry hop rift in the fermenter.

Into the Dark, Dark Ale (4.0%)
Don’t be afraid of the dark, this little Dark Ale provides light refreshment while maintaining its dark facade.
Eat your carrots and embrace the darkness; let it be your friend. You will be surprised - this is one smooth little number.
This little nugget showcases chocolate, and coffee aromas with a slight hop nose to finish. Well-balanced and unexpectedly refreshing!

Our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised, for the best experience please keep your crowlers refrigerated and consume within 72 hours of canning.