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Take a trip down memory lane with a flick though our past brews.
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Apple Cider - 4.6%
A bright golden farmhouse cider. Oak-aged with nuances of oven roasted apples and winter spices. Dry, refreshing and complex with natural fruit tartness.

APA - NZ Cascade, Simcoe, Mosaic + Centennial - 5.7%
Brewed with British Ale, Vienna and a touch of Munich malt, hopped with an eager amount of Simcoe, Centennial and NZ grown Cascade (Freestyle Farms). This beer was then dry hopped with the same lovely Simcoe and Centennial with the addition of some new school Mosaic for added buoyancy. Full + Toasty with soft tones of Grapefruit marmalade, candied Meyer Lemon, dank greenery and pine.

Huftgold - 5.2%
Fermented low and slow for 3 weeks then lagered for more than 8 at near freezing temperatures. The resulting beer has notes of cocoa and hazelnuts. It's full, round and
comforting like eating a gravy slathered roast turkey whilst sitting in a leather chair, wearing a fur coat and smoking cap.

Pilsner - 5.2% Bohemian Pilsner
European styled Pilsner made using imported Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner malt, European bottom fermenting yeast, and traditional Saaz hops. Brilliantly bright with a straw hue and a thick mousse-like head. Bold and bready rich malt and an intense floral bouquet on the nose.

Temná Zima - 4.8% Dark Bohemian Pilsner
Temná Zimaor Dark Winter is our take on a tmavý ležák (dark lager) from the land of Bohemia. Brewed using almost exclusively Bohemian malt, soft Waiheke water, Saaz hops, and 4 long weeks of lagering time. Temná Zima is round, smooth and fulfilling with a meringue-like head with flavours and aromas of well toasted seeded brown bread, espresso, blocks of unadlutlereaded dark cacao and BBQ char. Na Zdravi!

Joose Connections - 6.0% Pale ale
A light coloured pale ale matching that of the springtime flowers. Big notes of candied tangerine and mandarin, sticky dill-ish orange kush, blueberry soda, subtle vanilla crème brûlée, busy bumble bees, freesias and daffodils.

Fools Goop - 6.5% - Oatcream IPA
FOOLS GOOP is our 2021 entry into the Heyday HAZY IPA challenge. It's our Citra, Idaho7 and Strata OATCREAM IPA. It’s brewed with a grist Superior Oatmalt, rolled oats, and Saltbae sprinkle of malted wheat and hopped generously in the kettle with Columbus, Strata + CryoCitra. Fermented with our new favourite colourful yeast strain then dry hopped heavily with even more Citra-Cryo + Strata and Idaho7 then for good measure MORE Strata. Having not used Strata before, the flavour and aroma in this beer leaves dancing in our brew boots. It smells like a ripe + sweaty passion fruit after an intense F45 session, JUICYFRUIT, canned pink guava, half chewed skittles, Pascall Milkshakes and strawberry Primo.

Alibi Sour - Pink Guava, Blueberry, Raspberry - 5.5%
As thicc as a breakfast smoothie and shocking pink like the most raspberry colour sunrise. A simple light sour base has been conditioned on a bucket load of Pink Guava, Blueberry, Raspberry, Vanilla and Milk sugar resulting in this fluorescent and utterly unctuous thicc, frosty sherbert like, creamy whip of a beer.

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